About The owner

I am the proud owner of Singh's Arcade, a captivating vintage-style gaming haven located in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, a town on Montreal's West Island. My dream was to combine my passion for engineering with my love of nostalgia. As a result, I've created a remarkable space where patrons can indulge in "artisanal milkshakes," immerse themselves in retro gaming, and appreciate local artistry.

Among the myriad of games offered at Singh's Arcade, I personally hold a special affinity for the exhilarating Fast-and-Furious-themed games. Fondly reminiscent of my childhood filled with dreams of becoming a racecar driver, this game transports me back to a time when aspirations knew no bounds.
The gratification of witnessing people genuinely enjoying themselves at my establishment brings me immense joy. I pride myself on the overwhelmingly positive response from students and parents. By combining my engineering studies with a flair for creating an environment brimming with entertainment and artistic expression, I've created a remarkable niche in the realm of arcade ownership. My ultimate goal is to make Singh's Arcade a unique experience that will attract people from all corners of Montreal.

The Idea of Singh's Arcade

The genesis of Singh's Arcade is deeply rooted in the pursuit of fostering a space that celebrates and ignites creativity. At the heart of our vision is the unwavering support we provide to artists of all disciplines, be it painters, sculptors, filmmakers, or photographers. We embrace anyone who identifies as a creative soul, offering them a platform to produce and exhibit their work, creating unforgettable memories for all who step through its doors.

Embodying a new paradigm of arcades, Singh's Arcade seamlessly blends the allure of an art gallery with the delights of artisanal milkshakes. As a testament to our commitment to artistic expression, we host a vibrant launch day event every month, providing an opportunity for art enthusiasts to meet the featured artist, engage in thoughtful conversations about the inspiration behind their work, and forge meaningful connections.

Singhs Arcade aspires to be the quintessential destination for a myriad of experiences. It beckons as the ideal spot to hang out with friends, offering a haven for laughter and camaraderie. It promises to be the perfect setting for a memorable date, where romance intertwines with the electric ambiance. It stands as the ultimate backdrop for capturing cherished moments, providing an aesthetic tapestry for picture-perfect snapshots. It welcomes all, inviting strangers to become acquaintances, sparking connections, and fostering a sense of belonging. Above all, it exists as a sanctuary where time melts away, and pure enjoyment takes center stage.
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